How to increase the RAM Memory of an Android devices

Is your android smartphone or Tablets running on Low RAM memory (Storage), Here are the tips how to increase the RAM Memory of an Android devices to speed up device performance.

RAM Memory plays an important role in the functioning of an Android device in the best manner, but most of the problems faced by the android device users face with the problem of low RAM size (Most tablets & smartphone comes with 512MB RAM or 1GB RAM for low prices) due to which you won’t be able to make the best use of your Android device. So in order to solve this problem will share a best way by which you will be able to expand the RAM size of your Android device making the most use of it.

Are you questioning to yourself whether you should root your device? Or what are the benefits you will get if you increase the RAM? Then this post is an answer for all of your above queries,

Any need of rooting the device?

There are many things which have two answers and the expanding of RAM Memory is one among them as RAM can be expanded by rooting and also without rooting, but in today’s post the answer is just of two alphabets, that is NO. there is no need of rooting your Android device in order to increase/expand the RAM of your device (according to the post not always). Instead, you just need to get an app downloaded and installed for the best experience of expanding RAM on your Android stuff without any kind of complications.

Downloading the right application

There are many applications in the market appealing with the RAM expanding feature, but you need to choose the best application and that can be done by visiting the Google Play store, which is the best store to find any kind of app not a fake or the boolish kind of app.

The two cool and great applications to expand/increase the RAM of your Android are ROEHSFT RAM expander or else use Clean master free apk one of best RAM cleaner app to increase RAM memory and Upgrade your RAM.

Downloading session

Steps to download the apps before expanding the RAM.

  • The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is visit Google play store and type upgrade your RAM in the search engine of it and select the one from the displayed list of apps on your screen.
  • Download the app and get it installed on your device.
  • As the app will make use of your SD card to increase the RAM size, swapping will take place during the procedure, so make sure whether your device supports swapping or not.
  • Once you start the procedure just follow the guidelines on your screen without missing even a single step.
  • Create a SWAP file with your desired language and then activate/enable it.
  • After the completion of the above steps you will witness another dialogue box, click on it and activate the SWAP file.

You are done with the expanding part and now it’s the time of the enjoyment. But before that, let us also see a few of the benefits of increasing a RAM Memory of Android.

 The benefits are,

  • More apps can be used in multi tasking.
  • The functioning of your phone gets faster and smoother.
  • The most important thing is your device’s RAM size gets increased, after which you will be able to play more game and can have more apps in your device.


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